Wisdom for a New Age

When you give unselfishly you need not search for your reward. The act of giving is your reward, because in a world filled with ego problems, you have just become part of the solution.


Anonymous kindness is powerful magic.


When emotions control our lives we are slaves.
When thoughts control our lives we are students.
When spirit controls our lives we are masters.


Learn to trust your intuition.
It is your spirit whispering directions in your ears.


Three keys to open the door to enlightenment are practice, patience, and perseverance.
Practice is easiest.
Patience is the most difficult.
Perseverance is the most demanding.


No one is ever totally enlightened.
There is always something more to learn;
something more to experience, to create, to explore.


In a complex society it is easy to blame others for our problems --- and fail to see our own contribution to the difficulties we face.


The same energy you spend criticizing or attacking others can be used to build what you envision.


Genius does not spring from conformity. It is the product of courageous minds who dare to act out their most creative dreams regardless of what others think or say.


Do not compare yourself with others.
There will always be many 'ahead' of you.
There will always be many 'behind' you.
Some are rich and sad.
Some are poor and happy.
Some are healthy and complain.
Some are crippled and grateful.
Accept your role in life graciously.


If you wish to change, do it without judging yourself by what others have done or will do.


Your body is the Goddess in the flesh.
To abuse it or neglect it is to abuse or neglect the Goddess.


The danger of living in the past is missing the magic of the present.
The danger of living for the future is missing the magic of the present.


Choose your actions carefully.
What you do right now is creating the future in your world.


Think for your Self.
Follow your Heart; and you will know what to do.


Life is a cycle and every part of the cycle is perfect in its own way.


You have within you:
The strength to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way;
the courage to be true to yourself;
the love to care for every living being;
the wisdom to build a world without hunger, hatred, war, poverty, pollution or disease.
You have within you the power to do what has never been done before.


Believe in magic and life will be magical.
Believe in miracles and life will be miraculous.
Believe in nothing and life will be empty.


Only when you move at the pace of the universe will life flow effortlessly through you and around you.


When we stop changing we start growing old.
Endless curiosity is one path to Eternal Youth.


You are unique.
Your path is unlike any other path in the universe.
Do not copy others.
They can only do what is right for them.
Their lives serve as examples to learn from, but not to mirror.
Think for yourself.
Follow your heart; and make your life an example --- so others can see one more road that can be walked in this world.


We are all different so we can learn from each other.


There are as many paths to enlightenment as there are Beings in the universe.


If you must search for something, search for truth. And when you find it, do not be surprised if the truth is different for you than it is for other people.


Miracles happen every second of every day, but usually the only people who see them are the ones who believe in them.


When you refuse a gift coming from the heart, you deny someone the joy of giving.


All life is connected. When one part is damaged everything else is affected.


When we share joy and happiness, we give two of the most powerful healing medicines in the world.


No one's time is more or less valuable than yours.
We all have the same number of hours in a day.


You cannot always control the events in your life, but your free will lets you choose how you will react to those events.


Freedom is artistic control of your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.


Wisdom cannot be bought or sold,
it cannot be given or taken.
It can only be gained by experience.


If you can spend every day of your life with your feet close to the earth, your arms open to love and your head in the stars, then you have begun to know wisdom.


The price of knowledge is the responsibility to share it.


If you draw your power from your possessions or from other people, you may always be afraid that someone will rob you of your strength. But if you find your strength within yourself, you will have power that no one can ever take from you.

 Author Unknown