The Tie That Binds

The tie that binds is formed in love, transcending time and place,
It builds a bond that carries us through many trials we face.
The soul returns again, again, numerous times to tread,
slowly growing and evolving with each small step ahead.
A step thus taken shapes the bond between two living souls,
bringing together time and again their purposed earthly roles.
For when one helps another to take a forward stride,
the laws of love and justice return again with pride.
You and I, we live, we love, we work quite hard to grow;
For those who choose the steeper path, a rapid pace does flow.
Our earthly journeys someday will pass, embarked so long ago,
And we will better understand the ways of those who know.
As I glimpse evolvement’s ways
revealing further at each phase,
a truth soon permeates my being
promotes enlightenment and seeing.
Fighting on the battleground of resisting change,
Feeling the piercing arrow from close range,
Roiling in the intensity of emotional upset,
I hope this is not something I will regret.
After a time comes a realization
arriving in a flash of inspiration:
This anxiety could be just a deviation
from a better life, with just a little adaptation.
Suddenly in a flash my higher self shines through
and makes me realize the childishness of my view.
All else is overshadowed by desire for release
It is then I catch a glimpse of what will give me peace.
All at once a turning point is reached,
when new outlook lets anxiety be breached.
The flame of transmutation burns up my clashes
consuming my anxiety, reducing it to ashes.
What exists in the mind cannot be denied.
Only the coward retains what long ago should have died.
But the hero faces head-on the obstacles of life,
dealing with them swiftly to reverse internal strife.
When our life is lived anew the next time around,
there still remains some elements from our last stomping ground.
A bond from love built up which helped us share the cost,
A wisdom gained through trials endured, which never will be lost.

 John Baumann (2014)