Using Stones for Personal Growth

by John and Micki Baumann

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Sodalite:  Persistence

Sodalite is an opaque stone that comes in various shades of blue.  It has a vitreous luster and often appears blue-grey in color because it is partly interspersed with white calcite.  Sodalite forms into grainy aggregates in igneous rock, and gets its name from the sodium content of the stone.  Deposits are found in Brazil, Canada, India, Namibia, and USA.  Sodalite can be mistaken for lapis lazuli, but it lacks the golden flecks of iron pyrite usually contained in lapis.  In ancient tombs and ruins, sodalite has been discovered in places of ornamentation where lapis lazuli might have been expected.

Sodalite acts on the Inner Being to strengthen Persistence.  Persistence is having staying power.  It is the ability to stay with something until it is completed, and not leave things partially finished.  It is the ability to be tenacious, and hold a goal strongly in your mind.  Persistence is what allows you to finish things you start, no matter whether it is a job or a relationship.  It is what allows you to keep going, even when things don't go smoothly.  If you are a persistent person, you are not easily dissuaded from completing something, either by circumstances or by other people.  You don't often let someone talk you out of your convictions once you make up your mind about something.

Persistence has two components to it:  One is the ability to put energy into being persistent in order to stay with something until it is finished.  The other is knowing when to persist and when not to persist, so that your life operates most effectively.  This second component is the ability to control how to use your persistence, that is, to control what to persist at in order to effectively accomplish what you want.  If you are a persistent person, not only can you complete what you start, but you are also good at knowing when it is time to give up on something and save your energy for other things.

If persistence is not your strong suit, you find it difficult to stay with something long enough to complete it.  You often get angry with yourself for not being able to stick with things, and you sometimes feel like a failure.  At times, you get angry with others for demanding too much of you.  Also, if you are not good at controlling your persistence, you can sometimes feel driven to stay with something longer than is wise, completing one thing to the detriment of other things in your life.  This is being compulsive.

Becoming More Persistent

If you have trouble completing things, or if you tend to work at one thing only to find out that your other projects have all turned to slush, consider adopting a slightly different perspective.  Get as far away as possible from the very negative idea that things are hopeless, and there is nothing you can do to make them better.  Instead, take the more optimistic viewpoint that you can make a difference, that you can have a positive effect.  Do whatever you can to make yourself aware that you have the ability to make something positive happen.  You may even wish to become involved in a cause you believe in, so you can make a difference in a very real and concrete way.  If you truly believe you can have an impact, and you can visualize the result of it in your mind, then you are also willing to be persistent and put your energy into it as long as necessary.

You can also improve your ability to be persistent by realizing at a deeper level that you are creating value whenever you are working toward something.  If you can truly see that your energy input is creating value all along the way, you will be happy to work persistently toward your goal.  There is a good feeling that comes from being willing to earn your achievements in this way, and that is what being industrious is all about.  If you truly understand this relationship between work and accomplishment, work ceases being drudgery and you no longer feel you have to push yourself to do it.  When you realize there is fulfillment in the process of working toward what you want, then you also enhance persistence.

To further strengthen your ability to be persistent, put some energy into developing lasting friendships.  Start to socialize more with people you can learn something from, or teach things to.  Develop a desire to grow by learning from others, and you will then feel drawn to people you can learn from.  True friendship is a long term thing, in that you continually make yourself available to spend time with someone.  Selecting friends that are good for you in this way will help you keep those friends, and this strengthens persistence.

By learning to become more persistent, not only do you become better at finishing things you start, but you also become better at knowing when it is time to give up on something and save your energy for other things.