Quartz Crystal, the Master Stone

by John and Micki Baumann

Quartz and Personal Growth

A quartz crystal can be of great benefit in taking steps towards personal growth, because it strengthens the energy that you yourself put out, and this, in turn, makes it easier for you to take growth steps.  The amplified energy sent back to you from the crystal helps you make attitude changes, and helps you practice those changes until they become part of who you are.  However, the crystal can't do the actual growth for you.  Only you can do that.  Remember that you "have to be it to have it".  This means you must be a certain kind of person to have the energies or characteristics that go along with being that way.

People sometimes think that what crystals do is magic since they use a type of subtle energy that has not yet been discovered by science.  But a crystal is not a magic tool, just a good tool in that it strengthens your own abilities and intentions.  This means that in order to make a crystal work to help you grow, you have to put in the energy (in terms of intention) to make the growth steps yourself.  You yourself have to increase your awareness in each particular area where you want to grow.  A crystal or stone can not do that for you.  It can not make you grow against your will, or with no effort on your part.  But it will make it easier to reach a new awareness, and it will also make it easier to use your intention to practice that new awareness.


Quartz Clusters

Quartz crystals generally grow in clusters that are made up of many individual crystals.  Clusters have a special energy all their own because of the many internal connections between the individual crystals.  A cluster will fill a whole room with positive energy because the crystals harmonize and vibrate together, and radiate their energy just as far as if the cluster was all one crystal.  Also, clusters vibrate in a slightly different way than single crystals do.  For comparison, think of a big single crystal as being a gong, and think of a cluster as being a number of tinkling little cymbals, or a wind chime with a number of different tones.  The big crystal is a single sound, and the cluster is a whole orchestra.  Clusters put out a huge amount of energy because of their orchestral harmony.

Clusters are also very good at dissipating negative energy wherever they are placed.  For this reason you may want to put one in your home to clear it, for example, after an angry person leaves.  A cluster will dissipate this energy, and get rid of it from the environment.  When a cluster absorbs negative energy, you don't have to cleanse it because it dissipates the negative energy by itself.  This happens because the different vibrations of all the crystals vibrating together act as a natural form of cleansing.

Quartz, a Gift from the Earth

Quartz crystals are truly a gift from the earth.  They have the ability to amplify or strengthen all the energies of the Inner Being, which is everything you are as a person.  They strengthen all the things in you that are positive, and they can help you put away things that cause you fear or anger.  They can strengthen your ability to be a loving person, and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish the things you want in life.  They can amplify intention, reduce stress, help with centering (balancing or calming), strengthen inner healing abilities, and surround you with protection by amplifying white light.  And they can make it easier to take steps toward personal growth.

The reason quartz is called the master stone is that it strengthens all your energies in a very broad spectrum sort of way.  In order to use a quartz crystal to strengthen your energies, all you have to do is keep it with you, or keep it close to where you spend some time.  You don't need to do anything special to the crystal in order to have its benefits.  For example, if you carry a quartz crystal point in your pocket, it will act as a general amplifier that will strengthen all of your personal energies at the same time.

Quartz crystal, or rock crystal as it is sometimes called, is a common crystal composed of silicon dioxide.  Clear quartz is the most common, but white or cloudy quartz results when it is grown in places where frost can exist.  Quartz is mined in Arkansas, Brazil, Madagascar, and Colombia, as well as in a number of other places.  Named after a Slavic word meaning "hard", quartz has been used as a sacred power object by many cultures, including Native Americans, Druid priests, Tibetan monks, and priests of Christian Europe.

Quartz grows in a hexagonal or six-sided structure, with additional faces that slope toward a point at one end.  A crystal with these characteristics is itself also called a "point".  Natural quartz crystals come out of the ground in just this shape without being faceted.  A point may be totally clear and transparent, or it may contain streaks, lines, rainbows, water bubbles or other inclusions.  Optical clarity usually has little to do with a crystal's quality and its ability to amplify the subtle energies.